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Trust our experienced team to navigate the complexities of tax regulations, providing you with personalized solutions and peace of mind for your financial future.

Tax Preparation

We ensure that all tax returns—whether for individuals, businesses (Schedule C, 1040, 1120S for S-Corporations, 1065 for partnerships, 1120 for corporations), or non-profits (990)—are prepared accurately and on time. We specialize in federal and state income tax preparation, state and local sales and use tax preparation, and more.

Tax Consulting

We understand the significant burden that tax debts place on our clients. That’s why we ensure our preparers and enrolled agents are fully equipped to provide peace of mind to those facing tax debt challenges. We advocate for taxpayers, working to find common ground with the IRS and other tax agencies to resolve tax debts. Our team specializes in tax liability relief solutions tailored to each client’s unique situation.

Tax Resolution

Your peace of mind is just one call away. At JDM Tax Consulting, our dedicated team is prepared to assist you with any tax challenge you encounter. Whether you’re dealing with past due taxes, income garnishment, or other tax issues, we have the expertise to help you navigate and resolve these complex problems. Don’t let tax concerns overwhelm you — we can help.

Tax Audits

The audit process can be difficult to navigate, lengthy, and resource-intensive, often triggered by certain items on a return. If you’ve received an audit notice, our tax professionals and enrolled agents can assist you. Contact us today for a confidential audit consultation.

Tax Forms

Finding tax forms can be difficult. We want to make it easier for you by providing common tax forms that you may need throughout our tax consultation services. We’re always here to simplify and streamline your experience so you can have ultimate peace of mind.

Experience Stress-Free Tax Solutions

Our tax professionals are ready to help you with any tax service you need. Contact us today to book a free initial consultation and get started on stress-free savings.