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At JDM Tax Consulting, we understand the heavy weight tax debts have on our clients. This is why our team is here to help you resolve them. By working with you, we will help find common ground with the IRS and other tax agencies while customizing tax liability relief options for each case. 

  • Tax Debt Assistance

    Our team will work with you to help you find assistance to your specific tax debt.

  • Tax Debt Negotiation

    Our enrolled agents are experienced tax debt negotiators and will help you overcome the negative impacts of tax debts.

  • Tax Debt Forgiveness

    If you are dealing with complexities in your life, such as medical issues or financial hardships, we can help negotiate your tax debt.

  • Tax Debt Settlement

    Depending on your current financial situation, we can represent you before the IRS. They may agree to settle your tax debt.

  • Tax Debt Offer in Compromise (OIC)

    This is a program where the IRS agrees to settle a debt if we can prove paying in full would cause financial hardships.

  • Tax Debt Payment Plans

    We can work with you to obtain a payment plan from the IRS, enabliing you to gradually pay off the debt.

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Tax consulting can help by identifying tax-saving opportunities and credits, ensuring compliance with tax laws, reducing tax liabilities, avoiding penalties and interest from late or incorrect filings, and providing peace of mind through expert guidance and support. 

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Tailored Tax Consulting

Strategic Tax Solutions. Made With You, for You.

Don’t let tax debts take over your life. Trust JDM Tax Consulting to provide you with solutions that fit your financial plans best.

Strategic Tax Solutions. Made With You, for You.

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Tax debts don’t have to be hard. Let JDM Tax Consulting work with you to create a tax debt strategy to ensure you get the most out of your finances.